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Our Flagship Event – Ascent Annual

The Ascent Annual Conference is a fully immersive 2-day virtual SaaS conference. Entering our 5th year, we will be convening 1,500+ invite-only SaaS executives to enjoy peer-to-peer networking and content sessions led by some of the leading thought leaders in the SaaS space who will share their subject matter expertise through 50+ keynote presentations and interactive panels.

About Ascent

Since 2018, Ascent has convened over 12,000 SaaS executives at our Ascent Annual Conference, quickly becoming one of the most anticipated and highly regarded SaaS conferences in the US. With a speaking faculty that includes senior thought leaders from some of the leading brands in the SaaS space, Ascent attendees have come to rely on the Ascent Annual Conference to gain critical insights into the latest trends, research and developments within the sector. The interactive nature of the event provides attendees with limitless opportunities to network amongst industry peers and investors, as well as key accounts and prospects, creating an engaging environment for all attendees to collaborate and share ideas.

Spotlight Series

In addition to the Ascent Annual Conference, we will be convening subsets of our attendees throughout the year as part of the Ascent SaaS Spotlight Event Series. These Spotlight Events will focus on a specifific functional area, and allow us to curate an agenda featuring content and speakers that are highly relevant to the audience. Individual 2021 Spotlight Events will convene ~150 decision makers from business functions such as: Cybersecurity, Finance, Human Capital, Marketing, and Revenue Leadership. All events will be invite-only, and restricted to professionals who meet the attendee profile requirements of Director+, $20M+ ARR. Additionally, Ascent’s Spotlight on Startups event will convene ~150 founders and C-level executives of seed round and Series A startups, as well as 100 investors. This event will also be invite-only with the content and agenda aligned to address the unique challenges faced by startups.


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Past Speakers

Sarah Bird


Lu Zhang

Founder & Managing Partner

Neal Sales-Griffin

Managing Director

Esther Dyson

Executive Founder

Chris Savage

CEO & Founder

David Siegel

Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism for Search

Rand Fishkin

Michael Tannenbaum


Elizabeth Yin

Co-Founder & General Partner

Darrin Marshall

VP, Enterprise Sales

James Chan

VP, Global Pre-Sales

John Barrows

Greg Segall

Massimo Arrigoni


Paul Paget

Nick Mehta

Prashanth Chandrasekar

Krish Subramanian

Tom Keiser

Daniel Chait

Andy Yang

Jager McConnell

You Mon Tsang

Dennis Fois

Jennifer Mercer

Oded Zehavi

CEO & Co-Founder

Waseem Daher

CEO & Co-Founder

Henry Schuck

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel McGaw

CEO & Founder

Sameer Gulati

CEO & Founder

Thejo Kote

CEO & Founder

Marcus Wagner

CEO & Founder

Steffen Schebesta

CEO of North America

Elizabeth Soloman

Marty Meyer

Dan Fletcher

Aneal Vallurupalli

Michael Ellis

Fuad Ahmad

Roxi Wen

Bob Mahan

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jason Loomis

Chief Information Security Officer

Lena Smart

Chief Information Security Officer

Saj Naseem

Chief Information Security Officer

Rob Hornbuckle

Chief Information Security Officer

Todd McGuire

Chief of Staff

Sandi Kochar

Chief People Officer

Robert Zimmermann

Chief Revenue Officer

Frank Boulben

Chief Revenue Officer

Naomi Rozenfeld

Chief Revenue Officer

Diane Albano

Chief Revenue Officer

Adrian Ludwig

Chief Trust Officer

Tyler Lessard

Chief Video Strategist

Doug Inamine

Anna Fisher

Johann Wrede

Patrick Smith

Rowan Tonkin

Amanda Malko


Randi Barshack

Shane Murphy-Reuter

Genefa Murphy

Nick Panayi

Jeff Reekers

Udi Ledergor


Matt Epstein

Latané Conant

Deirdre Bigley

Carl Tsukahara

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff

Jeff Titterton

Harris Beber

Joanna Lord

Randy Frisch

CMO & Co-Founder

Harry Glaser

CMO & GM of San Francisco

Alina Vandenberghe

Alon Alroy


Brendan Kamm

Co-Founder & CEO

Taylor Smith

Co-Founder & CEO

Kris Rudeegraap

Co-Founder & CEO

Henry Blodget

Co-Founder & CEO
Business Insider

Kathryn Minshew

Co-Founder & CEO

Luis von Ahn

Co-Founder & CEO

Vasco Pedro

Co-Founder & CEO

Dan Carroll

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Paul Liberman

Co-Founder & COO

Alex Bean

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer

Trei Brundrett

Omar Nawaz

Jamie Anderson

Kevin Tate

Chloe Stewart

Kevin Knieriem

Allison Metcalfe

Jayme Smithers

Adam Tesan

Christos Kalantzis

Nick Rockwell

Alex Solomon

CTO & Co-Founder

Grad Conn

Ash Finnegan

Digital Transformation Officer

Christina Bechhold Russ

Director, Ventures

Alyson Shontell

Business Insider

Marc Paust

Executive Director, Information Security and IT Operations

Ben Murray

Nathan Latka


Nate Smith

Founder & CEO

Patrick Campbell

Founder & CEO

Alex Lieberman

Founder & CEO

Jason Field

Founder & CEO

Kenneth Lin

Founder & CEO

Isaac Oates

Founder & CEO

Howard Lerman

Founder & CEO

Jan Arendtsz

Founder & CEO

Mary Shea

Global Innovation Evangelist

Saba Karim

Global Startup Pipeline Manager

Conor Nolen

Global Vice President, Customers for Life

Kim Walsh

Matt Vickers

GM Product – New Markets

Alex Song

Head of Finance and Capital Markets

Arthur Jun

Head of Performance Marketing

Matt Hulett


Katie Bullard

President & Chief Growth Officer

Jamie Finn

President & Co-Founder

Tolga Kurtoğlu

President PARC

Larry Cashdollar

Principal Security Intelligence Response Engineer

Geoff Sindel

Principal Web Application and API Security Architect

Samantha Schwartz

Kamaron Leach


Jade Scipioni


Akiko Fujita

Reporter & Anchor

Reggie Bradford

Senior Vice President

Jeff Ford

Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations

Marcus Fowler

SVP, Strategic Engagements and Threats

Peter Boyce

Sean Sheppard

VC & Co-Founder

Jackey Wang

Venture Partner

Kamran Ansari

Venture Partner

Jackson Jeyanayagam

Vice President & General Manager

Brody Ehrlich

Vice President of Channel Sales

George DiGuido

Vice President, Subscription Marketing
Business Insider

Mark Kilens

VP of Content & Community

Sarah McConnell

VP of Demand Generation

Kate Athmer

VP of Growth

Rachel Krug

VP of Growth Operation

Ali Haeri

VP of Marketing

Allyson Tom

VP of People and Culture

Rod Lacey

VP of People, North America

Lisa Kant

VP of Product Marketing

Edna Conway

VP, Chief Security & Risk Officer, Azure