5th Annual Ascent Conference - Agenda & Roundtables - Ascent Conference


2 Stages Packed with Actionable Content to Help You Grow Your Business

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Alina Vandenberghe

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Clint Oram

CSO & Co-Founder

Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing

Arianna Cignarale

CEO & Co-Founder

Sarah Reynolds

Ben Wright

Founder & CEO

Dipanwita Das

CEO & Co-Founder

Khalid El Khatib

Nathan Rawlins

Kuda Biza

Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Co-Founder

Tim Riesterer

Chief Visionary

Lara Caimi

Chief Customer and Partner Officer

Dave West

Cristy Garcia

Tom Keiser

Ali Haeri

VP of Marketing

Tessa Barron

VP of Marketing

Dror Liwer

Co-Founder & CMO

Fran Wilson

Melton Littlepage

Fleur Sohtz

Robson Grieve

Tim Geisert

Partner & CRO

Dr. Courtney McCashland

Co-Founder & Chief Officer of Science and Strategy


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Main Stage

Growth Stage

10:00 am Main Stage
Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Expansion: Break Free from a One-Size-Fits-All Approach [Read More]
Tim Riesterer
Chief Visionary
B2B Decision Labs
10:00 am Growth Stage
Positioning for Success: How Effective Positioning Drives Differentiation and Simplifies Marketing Execution [Read More]
Nathan Rawlins
11:00 am Main Stage
How Marketing and IT Team-up to Win with the Web [Read More]
Josh Koenig
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
11:00 am Growth Stage
How Closing the Skills Gap Drives Growth, Innovation, and Inclusivity [Read More]
Sarah Reynolds
11:30 am Growth Stage
Playbook for Growth: How to Create Client Experiences that Turn Clients into Advocates [Read More]
Brudis Limar
1:00 pm Main Stage
Your Next Growth Phase, Courtesy of Connected TV [Read More]
Ali Haeri
VP of Marketing
1:30 pm Main Stage
How to Keep Your Revenue Recurring: How Chargebee Decreased Churn Post-Covid
Guy Marion
Julie Hansen
1:30 pm Growth Stage
Total Experience: The Hidden Connection Between Company Culture and World-Class Customer Experiences [Read More]
Lara Caimi
Chief Customer and Partner Officer
2:00 pm Growth Stage
Breaking Away From the Sea of Sameness: Standing Out and Building Trust as a B2B Brand on Social [Read More]
Tom Keiser
2:30 pm Main Stage
Mastering the Mid-market: Lessons on Building and Selling into Scaling Enterprises with Vanta [Read More]
Elliot Goldwater
VP Partnerships
2:30 pm Growth Stage
The Myth of Digital Fatigue, and How to Get Past It [Read More]
Fran Wilson
Tessa Barron
VP of Marketing
3:30 pm Growth Stage
Fundraising at Each Stage (With Your Exit in Mind All the Way)
Lu Zhang
Founder & Managing Partner
Fusion Fund
Rashmi Gopinath
B Capital Group
Andrew Steele
Investment Partner
Activant Capital
4:00 pm Main Stage
Decide to Pivot: Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Evolving [Read More]
David Siegel

Main Stage

Growth Stage

10:00 am Main Stage
Buyer-Centric Sales and Marketing in a Digital-First World [Read More]
Tyler Lessard
VP Marketing
10:30 am Growth Stage
New to Developer Audiences? Forget Everything You Know About Marketing [Read More]
Khalid El Khatib
Stack Overflow
11:00 am Main Stage
Growth During a Downturn: How to Build a Recession-Proof Growth Strategy [Read More]
Gaurav Agarwal
Chief Growth Officer
11:00 am Growth Stage
Fuel Growth – How to Achieve Your Revenue Goals in 2023 [Read More]
Clint Oram
CSO & Co-Founder
11:30 am Main Stage
How CMOs at Growing B2B Companies Are Leveraging Data to Scale: And how you can and should be as well [Read More]
Melton Littlepage
Fleur Sohtz
Analytic Partners
Robson Grieve
Arianna Cignarale
CEO & Co-Founder
1:00 pm Main Stage
It’s Been a Tumultuous Year – Experiences and Tips on How to Weather Choppy Waters [Read More]
Ben Wright
Founder & CEO
Velocity Global
1:00 pm Growth Stage
Team First – What we have learned from 25 years of Scrum [Read More]
Dave West
2:00 pm Growth Stage
Building A Vertical SaaS Company In A Horizontal SaaS World [Read More]
Dipanwita Das
CEO & Co-Founder
3:00 pm Main Stage
Converting Cybersecurity From a Cost Center to a Revenue Source [Read More]
Dror Liwer
Co-Founder & CMO
3:00 pm Growth Stage
Advertising is Dead – How to Keep Growth Alive with Partnerships [Read More]
Cristy Garcia
3:30 pm Main Stage
Founders, Social Media, and the Company of the Future [Read More]
Alina Vandenberghe
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Chili Piper
3:30 pm Growth Stage
Kuda Biza
Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Co-Founder

Executive Roundtable Topics

Audience-led deep dive into a business challenge

Building a Diverse Virtual Workforce
Tech can provide some of the most powerful tools when it comes to making the next iteration of the virtual workplace more inclusive. Read More
Dionn Schaffner
Chief Diversity Officer
Aurea Software
The benefits and challenges of remote working and camaraderie building with growing sales teams
Attendees can expect a discussion with CROs about what it’s like managing a sales team in a post-Covid world. Read More
Natan Edelsburg
Muck Rack
Embedded AI: How to Map Innovation with ROI
Enterpise AI has a staggering 87% failure rate. Read More
Kunal Sawarkar
Chief Data Scientist
How to Supercharge Your Channel Program
Heather Tenuto, Chief Revenue Officer of Zift Solutions, will walk SaaS companies through the crucial steps needed to take their channel partner program from fledgling to full force. Read More
Heather Tenuto
Zift Solutions
Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Top KPIs For RevOps Leaders
With thousands of data points spread across accounting systems, CRMs and marketing automation, there is no shortage of data for Revenue Operations teams to analyze. Read More
Helen Lin
Founder & CEO
The Onboarding Valley of Uncertainty™
Join us for a compelling discussion on the state of onboarding today. Read More
Mike Ehrle
Click Boarding
Establishing a Partnership Network to Efficiently Accelerate Revenue Growth
One of the fastest and most efficient ways to accelerate revenue growth is to develop, nurture and operationalize your company’s channel sales motions. Read More
Robert Michlewicz
Visual Lease
The World of Work
Join CEO of Recruiter.com Read More
Evan Sohn
Maintaining your Brand Culture
It’s harder than ever in today’s hybrid/virtual workplace to maintain a corporate culture. Read More
Debra Hays
How to Win in a Post-COVID Hypercompetitive World?
Prior to the COVID crisis, the world was already competitive. Read More
Michael Dermer
Author & Founder
The Lonely Entrepreneur
Driving Revenue in Product Led Growth (PLG)
With the rise of product-led growth at many SaaS companies, we’ll discuss what PLG is, how it changes the various roles across your company, and marketing’s role in enabling PLG and uncovering revenue opportunities in product-led organizations. Read More
Breezy Beaumont
Head of Growth
Modern Tech Marketing: The Rise of The Operational CMO
As organizations increasingly rely on the coordination of process and systems to achieve growth and scale, B2B tech CMO’s must add operational expertise to their existing skill sets of brand, demand, messaging and campaigns. Read More
Ian Lowe
eSSENTIAL Accessibility
Managing a productive and meaningful relationship with your CRO
Many marketing professionals and executives struggle with this dynamic. Read More
Dan Murdoch
International Expansion is like Creating a Wonderful Meal — Methodical, Genuine and Local
What has international expansion got to do with cooking a wonderful meal? Read More
Albert Vazquez
Sway Ventures
The changing Talent Landscape: building teams for the future with lessons learned from the pandemic
The pandemic shifted so many trends in talent – it accelerated predictions about the future of work, caused a “great resignation” and re-shuffling, and flipped the table back and forth between an employer and an employee market. Read More
Jessica Mitsch Homes
Co-Founder & CEO
Generating More Pipeline and Winning More Deals with Fewer Resources Amidst Economic Turbulence.
Today’s sales leaders and their organizations have a mandate to hit their targets with less budget and headcount than expected to drive that growth. Read More
Melton Littlepage
What can tech learn from the world of sport and vice versa when it comes to Equality Diversity and Inclusion?
In this roundtable, we explore why diverse spaces matter when it comes to talent, and how sport and technology can learn from one another when it comes to developing more diverse and inclusive outcomes which ultimately transform into results! Read More
Gurmej Pawar
Meji Media Events Group
Creating a Category that Fuels Successful Outcomes from Strong Valuations to Mission-Driven Workplace Cultures.
Category creation has been around since the dawn of business to enable organizations to innovate, differentiate from the competition, drive financial results, improve employee drive, and so much more, but the successful application of category creation has never been more defined than it is today. Read More
Karen Parisi
Operating in Real-Time: Thrive in a today’s unpredictable market
How would you operate if you had instant access to information about your customers, your operations, workforce and suppliers? What if you could more accurately predict and adapt to shifting markets and consumers all at the speed your business demands? Growth in mobile, artificial intelligence, edge and analytics are bringing the world of real-time to your business. Read More
Mike Hulme
VP of Marketing
How to build trust with B2B SaaS clients
Prospects for B2B SaaS products are bombarded with marketing messages every day – the majority of these reach outs are self-serving and irrelevant. Read More
Ayan Sarkar
Haven Technologies
Building transformative AI-enabled enterprise and healthcare companies
Customers and investors have an increasingly higher bar for evaluating solutions that claim to use AI/ML. Read More
Neel Master
Engooden Health
Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising
Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of taking capital versus self-funding, and how to best prepare and manage your organization for either path. Read More
Mallory Ulaszek
Founder & Owner
Week of the Website
Navigating a Revenue Department through Change
This presentation will cover best practices for navigating through major changes within the sales and client success functions within any high-growth business. Read More
Patrick Roberts
More Than Words: It’s about impactful content
Content fuels your business. It has a purpose and an expected outcome: Deeper engagement. Higher conversions. Fewer support tickets. The list goes on. Read More
Christopher Willis
Marketing, Sales and Revenue Operations: How do they work together to drive growth?
RevOps function has been on the rise in the past couple of years stirring the waters of more traditional Marketing and Sales operations. Read More
Olga Traskova
VP of Revenue Operations
How a metal detector can prevent a wrongful death lawsuit
How to evaluate and maintain a WTMD/WDS that will comply to government standard NIJ 0601.02 which will help defend your company against lawsuits like a 20 million dollar wrongful death incident. Read More
Chris Ciabarra
CTO & Co-Founder
Athena Security
Mindful Growth
A discussion around hacking growth related choices to maintain brand positioning, operational workflows and other roadblocks when scaling. Read More
Mallory Ulaszek
Founder & Owner
Week of the Website
The Power of Cross-Functional Focus & Alignment to Achieve Growth
Growth is not about the success of a single department. Read More
Kevin Kitzgerald
Equity CrowdFunding
Raise capital from your customers, ecosystem partners, and way more. Describe your ideal and your most likely investors–and why they fit that persona. Read More
Andrew Corn
E5A Integrated Marketing
How to Build High-Performing Marketing Teams
Learn how to increase cross-discipline exposure, broaden team member perspective, and realize innovation—all from the perspective of an 18-year-old Enterprise Marketing Agency. Read More
Paxton Gray
97th Floor
B2B Marketing for Tech Startups
What should you prioritize when marketing your startup? How do you get in front of brands and agencies to secure ad budgets? What kinds of marketing hires should you look for next, and how can you find them? Come with all your marketing questions and challenges, and we’ll learn from each other so you can focus on what should be most effective for your business. Read More
David Berkowitz
Serial Marketer
Innovation Ethics and the Investor Thesis
It’s critical that we, as investors, take responsibility for the direction of innovation and technology rather than merely try to manage a portfolio. Read More
Roger Hunt
Embracing a People-First Strategy
We’ve entered a new world of work. Read More
Donald Knight
Chief People Officer
Digital Transformation. Covid-19 Only Forced a Peak Under the Hood.
The pandemic changed how America worked almost overnight. Read More
Avner Schneur
President & CEO
GRM Information
Funnel 2.0 – The Actual, Full, Sales and Marketing Funnel
Dive deep into the S&M Funnel 2.0. Discuss org design, KPIs and more from demand generation through customer adoption and growth. Read More
Courtney Austermehle
Situational Leadership for Growing Companies and Teams
How to adapt your management style to each unique situation or task to meet the needs of the team or team members. Read More
Mike Groeneveld
Sr. Vice President of Global Sales
Rally Around Your Middle Performers
Unpopular opinion – start ignoring your top performers more. Read More
Olga Karanikos
VP of Marketing
Partners for good: The impact of powerful partnerships
Working with an aligned non-profit can engage customers and employees in a time when purpose and sustainability matters more than ever. Read More
Nancy Youssef
Chief Business Development Officer
Build a Winning Sales Culture in a Remote World
Keeping your sellers motivated and engaged takes more than your traditional leaderboard and is even harder to cultivate in all remote or hybrid environments. Read More
Sindre Haaland
Founder & CEO
Leadership During a Recession
What to do when the economy goes into crisis mode? Tactics and strategies on how to navigate tough times and emerge stronger than before. Read More
Roland Polzin
How to defend against ransomware
The internet works with the fundamentals of its architecture. Master the architecture and you can help prevent most attacks. In this session we will go over DNS and how you can use it to safe guard your organization from desktop to mobile devices including 5G on an iPhone. Read More
Chris Ciabarra
CTO & Co-Founder
Athena Security
Converting your leads into customers – Best Practices
Many companies – entrepreneurs are looking for ways to improve their business but are not aware of challenges faced and how to handle them. Read More
Alejandro Azuola
Co-Founder & CEO
Instilling a growth mindset into your culture: 5 strategies to grow yourself, scale your business and build up next-level leaders
If your team or company were to double tomorrow would you have the skills or experience needed to run an organization twice as large? Read More
Zach Jones
What should marketers do as leadership replaces the valuation chase with the value mandate
The name of the game has changed. In the current economy and market, Read More
Sonali Sen
Head of Marketing
Zemoso Labs
The future of b2b buying
Over the last several years the b2b buying process has become more and more complex and buyers have more options than ever before. Read More
Zach Jones
Innovation as a Service (InnaaS): Setup, Elements, Challenges
Innovation as a service has a strategic impact on your organization. Read More
Boris Kontsevoi
The impact of the ‘post pandemic’ landscape in building effective tech/digital teams
– The pandemic has changed the game – opportunities for individuals and companies have grown exponentially Read More
Colin Etheridge
CEO North America
Increasing staff retention. Strategies to decrease employee turnover and save money.
It’s no secret that employee retention rate shows how the company takes care of its team. Read More
Daria Leshchenko
The Usage Based Pricing Evolution: Aligning Pricing to Customer Value to Drive Growth
Seven of the nine SaaS IPOs which had the best net retention over the past few years employed usage-based pricing models, companies including Slack, Snowflake and Elastic, according to “The 2021 State of Usage-based Pricing Report” by venture capital firm OpenView Venture Partners. Read More
Bonney Pelley
Corporates and Ventures Can Rethink Growth if They Get Over Themselves
Cutting checks doesn’t cut it. Read More
Fred Hoch
Founder & General Partner
TechNexus Ventures
How Will the Creator Economy Impact My Business?
What exactly is the Creator Economy? How Big an Industry is it? Read More
David Segura
Co-Founder & CEO
Glassbox Media
Why CEOs Should Set Aside Equity for Social Impact (and their investors should support them)
Over the past few years, companies have demonstrated that they have an important and essential role to play in tackling the toughest challenges of our time. Read More
Jan D’Alessandro
Head of Equity Pledge Initiative & Boardroom Allies
Pledge 1%
The future for SaaS in a shrinking market
Public cloud application for SaaS end-user spending in 2022 will amount to $176.62 bill. Read More
Juan Ramon Zarco
Silicon Valley Ventures Growth Partners
The Ideal Buyer Fallacy: Mechanical vs. Human-centered Selling
Today an overwhelming number of sales applications attempt to abstractly model human beings. Read More
John Golden
Pipeliner CRM
Are you ready for the turbulent post-Covid world? After the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, the next phase is the Great Equalizer
Are you ready for the turbulent post-Covid world? Read More
Steve Dantas
Chief Growth Officer
Successive Tech
The new sponsorship game–making the most of your investment
Engaging the B2B customer is increasingly challenging in the post-pandemic world. Read More
Michelle Harmon-Madsen
Sponsors United
The M&A process, when a company should start preparing
Many companies start thinking about a M&A process too late in the company’s life cycle. Read More
Vince Monteparte
Sway Ventures
How to Think Like a Private Equity CMO
Private equity funded companies expect unparalleled levels of high, efficient performance from their marketing departments. Read More
Steve Lundin
Springbrook Software
Sealing the Deal: The Subtle Art of Baiting, Attracting and Closing with Ease
Need to close more deals with confidence and ease? This session is for you whether you need to take this back to your sales team or use it in negotiations. Read More
Precious L. Williams
Perfect Pitches By Precious
Galvanizing and Aligning Your Team around a Single Mission
Each new generation of team members are dealing with an increasing blur of their personal and professional lives, and that means organizations need to be more explicit about what they stand for and what values they care about. Additionally, people are far more willing to give it their all when they understand your cause. Read More
Shawn Gaines
Analytics Driven Decisions: C-Level Visibility
How insights from your company and from external sources drive your decisions. Read More
Dr. Pratyush Kotturu
Delivering Exceptional Customer Experiences with Conversational AI
Join this roundtable to discuss how to engage prospects/customers on multiple communication Read More
Raghu Ravinutala
Co-Founder & CEO
Driving Revenue through an Advanced Sales and Technology Partnership
We live in a world where new technologies are constantly being created to help solve issues and create opportunities. Read More
Ryan Kelly
Capital Rx
Modern Tech Marketing: The Rise of The Operational CMO
How to set goals, strategize and plan, execute and report on Marketing activities Read More
Saravana Sivanandham
Absorb Software
Seed to Series C: Critical customer metrics for today’s SaaS journey
Investors’ expectations are changing fast. Read More
You Mon Tsang
Founder & CEO
Effective M&A Rollup
The importance of developing a clear thesis, identifying your initial platform acquisition (that can be scaled) and insuring a cultural fit. Read More
Phil Spencer
Vye Broadband
What a SaaS business needs to show to raise capital in 2022
A discussion of what early-stage VCs focused on SaaS investments are looking for as far as growth and other qualitative criteria in today’s Series Seed to Series B funding market. Read More
William Detwiler
Fernbrook Capital
B2B growth: a needle in a haystack
In a world with tens of millions of companies Read More
Brian Pallas
Opportunity Network
The New War for Talent: Managing Post COVID Implications
The traditional definitions of workers and a place were turned upside down by COVID and will not return to that “normal.” Read More
Troy A LeMaile-Stovall
Leading a Remote GTM Team? We Need to Talk About Employee Engagement
Economic volatility. The Great Resignation. Read More
Rick Nucci
Why “feature dumping” is killing your growth
If your sales team is “feature-dumping” during SaaS demos, it’s time to address it—because it’s killing your close rate. Read More
Chris Duprey
Marketing Org Planning for Growth & Scale
What functions and levels are more important as early stage first hires? Read More
Ahmed Nassef
VP of Partnerships and Talent
How fintechs are keeping banks relevant – its a symbiotic relationship
Vero is a commercial lending platform that partners with banks and credit unions to offer new commercial credit products, without having to invest in new systems and additional headcount. Read More
John Mizzi
Co-Founder & CEO
Vero Technologies
Getting Gen Z On Board for Business Growth
An engineer and entrepreneur working to achieve a lifelong passion. Read More
Putting the “Brand” Back into B2B
No one could blame you if you thought the B’s in B2B stood for “boring.” But that’s starting to change. Read More
Palmer Houchins
VP, Brand Marketing & Communications
How to Keep Up with Marketing Technology
Marketing software and other IT options have ben evolving at a high rate in recent years. Read More
John Gaines
VP of Marketing
Cohere Health
Customer Acquisition vs. Customer Expansion: Break Free from a One-Size-Fits-All Approach
Nearly 60 percent of companies believe they can use a one-size-fits-all approach for every marketing and sales conversation. Read More
Leslie Talbot
SVP Marketing
Corporate Visions
How to Define your PR strategy in a High Growth Organization
Every SaaS company knows that PR is an important vehicle to helping build brand recognition and thought leadership, especially through rapid growth. Read More
Hana Mandapat
VP Marketing
Sales Automation – the challenge from AI/Algorithms/Heuristic
Today an overwhelming number of sales applications attempt to abstractly model human beings. Read More
Nikolaus Kimla
Sales & Marketing Technology for SaaS Companies in a Mobile-First World
In this roundtable, OneSignal CRO Josh Wetzel will lead a conversation about several core elements of marketing in a mobile-first world, including the value of building in-house technology that isn’t core to your business and the importance of identifying your competitive differentiation. Read More
Josh Wetzel
Customer Lifetime Value; the growth opportunity in difficult times
We have an opportunity to do more with less. Read More
Lennard Hulsbos
VP Marketing & Design
Driving Elite Revenue Performance in Challenging Market Conditions
Budget scrutiny from prospects and customers Read More
Tony Jackson
Sales Impact
Achieving Sustainable vs. Scalable Growth
The new way for a SaaS company to survive and grow is now achieving profitable, sustainable growth, rather than growth at all costs. Read More
Sari Green
Winning by Design
Managing to the Outliers: Simple ways to identify the blockers to scale
Applying just-in-time manufacturing principles to your sales, CS and other organizational processes. Read More
Justin Oberbauer
Building & Funding a Company that Lasts
In the current market, where fundraising pace has slowed and it’s recognized that not all revenue is created equal, founders and CEOs need to set their focus on longevity. Read More
Simon Wu
Cathay Innovation
GTM Alignment: It’s the C-Suite’s job
True GTM alignment is a requirement for success, but ensuring an entire team is actually aligned is another story. Read More
Stephanie Capouch
VP of Marketing
Grow Your Business with a Product Led Strategy
Getting products into the hands of your customers and users while removing frictions from the buying process are key elements in implementing a successful Product Led Growth Strategy. Read More
Rina Alexin
280 Group
Why Customers Are the Biggest Untapped Revenue Driver
Efficient growth is more important than ever Read More
Natalie Cunningham
Changing GTM strategies of delivering value in the face of economic challenges, and constrained talent markets
What changes need to be made to GTM strategies to deliver value need to be made in the face of constrained talent markets, softening demand, and a projected economic downturn? Read More
Mathew Garver
HiQo Solutions
Localization: the key to scalable international growth
Is your product and/or content designed to be multi-lingual at scale? Read More
Chris Reese
Rely less on discounts, grow sales — all while doing good
Leverage incentives to both get meetings and close deals. Read More
Andrew Forman
Quantifying the subjective – establishing a data-driven sales coaching practice
Sales coaching is one of the highest-value activities a team can leverage, but one of the least utilized. Read More
Keith Abramson
VP of Sales
Building Efficient Pipeline With Outbound Phone Conversations
At Orum, we believe that live conversations are one of the best channels to cut through the noise and reach potential customers effectively and efficiently. Read More
Colin Specter
VP of Sales
Your Network is your Net Worth: Growing Revenue Teams from the Ground Up
Are you new to revenue leadership and looking to start a new team from scratch? Then this roundtable is for you. Read More
Nathan Bliss
Chief Sales Officer
Connecting Venture Capital and Growth
Mike Ma, a former award-winning CMO turned Venture Capitalist, will lead a discussion on what VCs look for in growth at different stages. Read More
Mike Ma
Managing Director
Nex Cubed
Marketing in Today’s Attention-Driven, Recessionary-Fearing Economy
Let’s talk about what’s working, what ’s not and how we each are trying to solve it. Read More
Thomas Butta
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer
Bosses for Babies: when business supports families, everyone wins
Impact your bottom line and community prosperity As the workforce is increasingly demanding flexibility, purpose, and impact from their lives and jobs, Bosses for Babies connects Florida business leaders who champion family-focused practices in their communities. Read More
Eddie Gonzalez Loumiet
How to create an automated revenue machine
How to increase revenue by leveraging sales/marketing tools to improve sales/marketing productivity from lead generation through closed won business. Read More
John Routhier
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Skill Survey
What’s on the Omnichannel?
Communications and Messaging tactics to grow SaaS based businesses. Read More
Matt Siemens
The Silver Tsunami is coming
Over the next 10 years the US economy is going to experience one of its greatest economic challenges- “The Aging Population.” Read More
David Laiderman
Veterans Home Care
M&A as a growth strategy: How to target and integrate strategic acquisitions that fuel organic growth
Acquisitions can really accelerate your company’s growth and product offerings. Read More
Dan Gaertner
Positioning and Measuring Value Creation through the Eyes of the Customer
Companies often talk about their SaaS offerings in terms of what their service can do and the features it has. Read More
Erika Rosenthal
Fractional CMO
Chief Outsiders
Why your Support organization and Finance should partner together to differentiate your business
In subscription and recurring revenue models, your support operations must transform its thinking from a cost center mindset to revenue center. Read More
Krishna Raja
Founder & CEO
Navigating the Dark Funnel for Cost-Effective Lead Gen
The market is crowded, channels are noisy, and buyers want to be invisible. Read More
Jennifer Apy
Partner & CMO
Chief Outsiders
Accelerating growth: Best practices for B2B SaaS companies
Growth is good, faster growth is better. Read More
Jeff Loeb
Chief Outsiders
OKRs: How to Go From Goal Setting to Goal Achieving
What are OKRs? Read More
Zachary Wright
Strategy Staff Executive & Head, Sales Operations
Qumu Corporation
Delivering High Performance – is the Blueprint in place?
To enable a high-performance culture, the most critical principles are transparent communication, investing in people, and accountability. Read More
Rich Pirrotta
Navigating the Tech Talent Scarcity
Today it is harder than ever to find and retain tech talent. Read More
Ryan Gallagher
Volteo Digital
Self-Disruption: Recognizing Market Opportunities to Radically Innovate
As technological innovation affects radical change to existing industries and forces evolution in competitive business markets, it becomes increasingly important to “disrupt thyself” – ideally before disintermediation is thrust upon your product, service, or solution suite from outside forces. Read More
Ron Spink
AC Business Media
Balancing a B2B and B2C Marketing Approach and Message
Rule number one in Marketing is “know your audience”. Read More
Adrianna Burrows
How and when to invest in Web3 and Crypto and why the infrastructure play is powerful
Whether or not you believe in crypto, the data shows it is reaching greater validation. Read More
Deborah Jackson
Plum Alley
Solving the Urgent Need for Skilled Talent
With the rapid pace of technological change, the percent of CEOs worried about the availability of skills continues to increase and companies need better solutions to build a skilled workforce for tomorrow. Read More
Yael Gilboa
Co-Founder & COO
Learn In
How multichannel tactics are critical to your B2B SaaS marketing strategy. There is no silver bullet for B2B SaaS marketing
This roundtable will be tactical. Read More
Yosef Levenstein
Golden Section